Introducing the 3D Panograph

3D Panographs are interactive, continuous and immersive 3D Mosaics of real world places.
Based on proprietary technology and optimized for high quality web-based viewing on desktop, mobile and VR* platforms Panographs go beyond 2D virtual tours with photo and video. With 3D Panograph technology you can show clients, customers or buyers what it feels like to experience a space first-hand in high resolution in a way that 2D content never could.

Scalable By Design

3D Panographs naturally scale to high image resolutions and large spaces without affecting performance.

  • Large Spaces
  • High Resolution
  • Deep Zoom*
  • Highly Scalable & Available Web Data Store

Share & Experience Everywhere

3D Panograph can be shared and experienced across platforms via HTML5/WebGL. Embed for use on your own site.

  • Web & Mobile*
  • Virtual Reality*
  • High Quality Streamed Content
  • Anywhere HTML5 & WebGL are supported

Flexible & Easy to Create

3D Panographs can be created from a range of equipment in a range of conditions. Any digital camera/video input is suitable (Standard or HDR).

  • DSLRs to Mobile Phones
  • 360° and VR Photo/Video*
  • Automatic and Customizable Processing
  • Indoors & Outdoors

* Feature currently under development

About Us

We aspire to create nothing less then the highest quality fully interactive virtual experience yet devised.

- Patchwork VR Team -

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a flexible and easy to use end-to-end platform that supports a broad community of 3D Panograph creators and users from professionals to amateurs who want to share and explore the possibilities of this new medium.

About Patchwork VR

Patchwork VR is a technology company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactive and immersive 3D experiences of real places. Our media solutions have wide applicability in real estate, entertainment, hospitality, travel, and industries of all types.

Technology and Artistry

We embrace automation and ease of use but don’t forget to keep the artistry squarely in the hands of the photographer. Creativity, passion, artistic vision and point of view are at the heart of our technology. Artists need room to create.

The Future

While the 3D Panograph technology matures Patchwork VR offers Panograph creation services to clients by professional photographers. We are working hard to build our vision of a community of users and creators open to anyone who wants to use this unique technology.


A taste of what PanoGraphViewer 0.2.6-Beta can do.
Demos have been tested on the latest browser versions for

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